Monday, September 29, 2008

Vamos ... !!

Nope, its not a Spanish post.

Its been a long time since I have eagerly looked forward to something. The last time I was in such a situation was for my honeymoon (for more than one reason :) ). It is quite a coincidence then that the topic of excitement happens to be travelling again.

Finally, I will overcome my hunch of GOA. Yup, that city will surely put a spring in the step of many. The epicentre of fun-n-frolic (at least in India). Its also spoken of as a crime if you haven't visited GOA. Fortunately, I share this crime with Biwi. Its good that along with the many good stuff that we share, we also share a lot of short comings. Playing partners in crime to the hilt. I need to stop gushing in order to avoid a flashback to our college days.

Prakash, Dinesh, Biwi and I have formed a formidable alliance over the last year or so. We meet at least once a week at familiar hangouts and enjoy each other's company a lot. I have always wanted to be part of such a group which seems to cant stay without each other. I have been a passer-by at large to many such groups who meet almost everyday at the movies or the cafes. Being in Wadias and Fergys, there was no dearth of such groups. I am glad I am part of this group. Talk of Three Boys A Girl and a Pizza Place (I hope I am close to the sitcom of the same name).

We are also planning to brand our group as DAPP (thats not difficult to decode). Though, friendships should not always be branded but then there shouldn't be justification of everything that is done in life.

So its going to be GOA during the long weekend starting October 2. We will be leaving at 1 am on Oct 2(thats the night of Oct 1. I am always confused of such timings). Why 1 am? Well, we want to spend the maximum amount of time in Goa and we want to be there before noon on Oct 2. We will be put up at a place called Candolim. I really appreciate the help from Gaurav, Gokul and Kala for all the information about GOA. This city is a sore point for many a reveller. They just jump at the prospect of helping out.

Everything done and said. Come on DAPPers. Lets kick some ass.

Cheers ... !!


Vikash Kumar said...

Superb.. Enjoy to fullest mate.. and do write a travelogue :)
I am also in the same league of criminals, not having visited Goa so far.. wonder when I will get my redemption :)

Mohsin Khan said...

Go DAPPers Go..

Mohsin Khan said...

aur ek baat..
agar spanish words use kare to usaka translation sath me dete ja..
sala har bar google karna padta hai..

Pappul said...

arey the problem with spanish words is that its very context specific ... i mean their literal meaning maybe something else ... like Vamos can be used for "come on" as well as "Lets go" ... I have used it for "Lets go" ... but point noted ... agli baar try karta hoon precise hone kaa ... Cheers ... !!

Charuta said...

Grt..enjoy urself...!!