Monday, September 29, 2008

Vamos ... !!

Nope, its not a Spanish post.

Its been a long time since I have eagerly looked forward to something. The last time I was in such a situation was for my honeymoon (for more than one reason :) ). It is quite a coincidence then that the topic of excitement happens to be travelling again.

Finally, I will overcome my hunch of GOA. Yup, that city will surely put a spring in the step of many. The epicentre of fun-n-frolic (at least in India). Its also spoken of as a crime if you haven't visited GOA. Fortunately, I share this crime with Biwi. Its good that along with the many good stuff that we share, we also share a lot of short comings. Playing partners in crime to the hilt. I need to stop gushing in order to avoid a flashback to our college days.

Prakash, Dinesh, Biwi and I have formed a formidable alliance over the last year or so. We meet at least once a week at familiar hangouts and enjoy each other's company a lot. I have always wanted to be part of such a group which seems to cant stay without each other. I have been a passer-by at large to many such groups who meet almost everyday at the movies or the cafes. Being in Wadias and Fergys, there was no dearth of such groups. I am glad I am part of this group. Talk of Three Boys A Girl and a Pizza Place (I hope I am close to the sitcom of the same name).

We are also planning to brand our group as DAPP (thats not difficult to decode). Though, friendships should not always be branded but then there shouldn't be justification of everything that is done in life.

So its going to be GOA during the long weekend starting October 2. We will be leaving at 1 am on Oct 2(thats the night of Oct 1. I am always confused of such timings). Why 1 am? Well, we want to spend the maximum amount of time in Goa and we want to be there before noon on Oct 2. We will be put up at a place called Candolim. I really appreciate the help from Gaurav, Gokul and Kala for all the information about GOA. This city is a sore point for many a reveller. They just jump at the prospect of helping out.

Everything done and said. Come on DAPPers. Lets kick some ass.

Cheers ... !!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Funny Nostalgia ... !!

We always try and look back at the days gone by and recollect how we enjoyed certain moments with certain people in certain circumstances. Though these moments may not have felt so good at the time they were experiences, they look much better when you look back on them.

I was trying to locate the document that we had prepared for one of our trips to Konkan 2 years ago. There was a map in that document that I needed. After searching my Inbox, I finally had my hands on that document. Though I got what I needed, I couldnt help but read the enormous mail thread that contained detailed discussion about how to execute the trip. Its funny, weird, vulgar but more importantly, its memorable. People short on time OR people who don't like mindless talk and a few expletives can skip the next section which has the entire mail thread along with the names of the people.

Note the deviation from the actual purpose of the thread, taking digs at each other, spelling Hindi/Marathi words in English and horrible spelling mistakes. Also look out for the sudden burst of mails from Amol.

Can we plan something big for Oct 2 weekend ...... ?

hey I wanted to suggest a place called Hadsi .. its 4/5 on the road to lonavla from paud gaon.
Its an awesome place n i do have some snaps clicked my colleague which ill share soon.
The journey is like .. chandini chowk .. paud gaon .. hadsi .. pavna dam .. lonavla.

So share ur views.

not a bad idea .....
but wat i was suggesting is a 3 day trip which will start on Friday evening ... and extend upto Monday nite or even Tuesday morning ..... its a long weekend
If the place Sanjeev is suggesting fits the bill then I dont have any problem .....
Keep more ideas coming .....

I thought we could have a blast in Matheran .... anywayz its a place that needs close to 2 or 3 days to be explored entirely .... plus we will save on rent charges by staying at Amol's bungalow ....

another idea is to complete Ashtavinayak Darshan in 3 days ..... this would mean that we could not only visit the 8 Ganpati destinations but also popular places close to it .....
example .... if we go to Pali and Mahad ... we can anywayz visit Lonavla and Khandala
if we visit Ozhar and Lenyadri we can do Shivneri and Bhimashankar as well ....
if we head to Morgaon we can visit the famous Jejuri temple which can be classified as a trek .....
and so on n so forth .....

or we can get the much hyped n talked abt Konkan trip out of the pipeline and head coastside
Guhagar .... Dapoli .... Ratnagiri .... or even the outskirts of Goa is manageable in 3 days .....

anywayz these r just options
we can have other options as well
so plz suggest

Better Plan......
It should be Shiroda, Vengurla, Terkhol, Reddey,
Patradevi at Last for partying.
Belive me its amazing part. I wanna know the long
weekend dates beri. I dun wanna miss this trip
Tum muze dates do, mai tumhe pilan dunga

dates are September 29 nite to October 2 nite
that is Friday nite to Monday nite
ab pilaan de with elaborate description about each and every place u just mentioned
ruka hai hum sab log
jaldi de

How r we going??? By bike it could be hectic also.
Depends on the drivers :D.
We'll need to rush to GOA for all these spots.
Shiroda - Amazing n very famous beach
Terekhol - Ther s fort like Aguda Fort GOa
Vengurla s again famous for beach only
Patradevi s famous for daaru n khana. U get excellent
food n very very cheap daaru here. the first stop
after entering n GOA
Wat u'll get here s absolutely cheap food n stay.
n hell lot of enjoyment. Shiroda s 40 KM b4 GOA
So if we'll get bored we can visit GOA too.

I'll elaborate more only if you guys are intrested n
such plan

interest = true
plz elaborate .......

my-intereest = true;
current-total-interest = pratik-interest &
current-total-interest = true;

Then this sounds cool.
Friday night we'll move for Kolhapur highway or we'll
land down on Mumbai-Goa highway. choice s urs here.

If via Kolhapur,
we can reach ther by night n if u guys want we can
take a break.
Sat morning we can move early morning for Tarkarli
Nice place as beach. We can have food n stay n Malvan
Beaches: Malvan, Tarkarli, Chivla
Fort: Sindhudurga

Sat night as Chamol always die for, we can have
camp-fire n al.

sunday morning we can rush to Shiroda, not so far from
Malvan, so we can make it late also.
Beaches: Shiroda, Aaravli, Vengurla
Fort : Terekhol
Jetti: Reddey
We can stay here in Shiroda or can go to goa also,
depends on intrest.
By Monday noon, we'll leave the place n we can reach
to pune next day morning also. Could b hectic but i
dun think we'll bother after so much relaxation ;)

If we r going via Mumbai-GOA highway (NH-17),
I know the places on the way r, Shrivardhan,
Ratnagiri, Vijaydurga Fort

Lets count the number of ppl intrested from now
onwards. Repolay this mail if you are comming.
Waise i'll suggest ki saal me 3 trips of CoV should b
compulsory for everyone :)

pilaan achha hai
make sure u know the way to all these places
baaki aur kuch prob nahi hai
i wud prefer bike trip
tum log kya bolte ho ?

Im in by the way ..... !!

Hey Ppl!! I am really sorry, I wont be coming for this trip..... In fact I wont be a part of any trip any trip till december... I really regret missing all the fun but I really cannot help it. I hope you understand. Now I am just waiting for december to come.
I know this is going to be the best CoV trip so have a blast and Beri do write a blog for this trip. I dont want to miss that atleast :)

dnt worry chikash ..... big things r in store for u .....
u hv to swap positions wid me after December ...... :(
CoV ke liye bhagwaan ek darwaaza band karega to doosra kholega bhi ....
Cheers mate .. !!

Chikash tu kidar jaa raha hai???

kyun december tak tu pregnant hai kya?

anyways guys, I am very much interested... but i think bikes pe bahot g**** lagegi... agar hum log do cars or ek badi gadi like TATA Sumo karte hai to it will be better. as in taklif kam hogi.
agar do cars ka socha to apne pass beri ki aur gupte ki aisi do hi cars hai... jismese gupte to ayega nahi for sure. and i dont think one car n other bikes is desirable. Aur Bikes pe to bahut jyada hektic hoga... g**** lag jayegi. GOA is quiet far to go on bikes.
Guys please suggest something.

Do post your views....

mai aaya bhi to car milne kaa bharosa nahi hai bhai log
aur agar mili bhi to 4 din ke liye to pakka nahi milegi
isiliye 2 car options goes out of the window

regarding something like Sumo ..... soch lo .... saala aise nahi hone mangta ki expensive hone ke kaaran public naa aaye .... plus utna freedom bhi nahi rahega

i agree that bikes pe g**** lagegi ..... lekin sirf ek baar lagegi .... that i when we drive from Pune to the 1st destination .... thats it ..... kyuki uske baad waise bhi ruk ruk ke jaane kaa hai n other places r within a short distance of each other .... soch lo

i am still with bikes ..... baaki lets c wat others have to say .....
finally ..... GOA is just an option
Goa ke saath ek locha hai .....
Goa gaye to apun mostly Sunday yaa monday jaayenge
thats not a prob
but prob is that Goa is such a place that if we go we wont come out of there soon ..... baaki jagah nahi jaa sakenge fir ..... doosri baat jab wahaan se niklenge to aise lagega jaise kya saala ek din hi dekha
I guess there shud b one fill trip of 3 to 5 days dedicated to Goa
I dont think we wud to justice to Goa by going there for just a day or two .....
yeh SIRF MERA opinion hai ......
baaki tum log socho ......

Cheers mates !!

but guys i am still with the goa trip coz i dont think we wud ever get such a long holiday soon... coz even if we get such long holiday, most of us (like me) will think of going home.

I am for the konkan pilaaan. Also I can bring my car from Mumbai if you want.

bike pe rukte rukt jayega to our time jayega...eska dhyan rakhoo....
agar salil car la sakta 1 car our 2 bike ka plan ho sakta he...upar se bike walo pe boja bhi nahi hoga....
better we apply for 1/2 day leave 3/4 of Oct.

sirf bikes he to...g**** lagne wali he....
kam lage esliye ek kam kar sakte he...max bikes lete he...

anyways i will not have any prob with any scenario

arre sahi agar gaurav aur salil ka car aa gaya to tension hi khalas...
abbe salil harami mails check kiya kar... aur reply kar.

are gaurav said he can arrange his car........
aur max bike kya chees hai re???????????????????

are wo mail likhne ke time.. gaurav ka mail nahi aaya tha muze...
our max bikes matalab....jada bikes lete he ki jada lok chalayenge...our g**** kam logo ki lagegi...

My experiance says that if we'll go by bike hum log
bahot thaknge.
Here are distances (Approx.)
Pune-Kolhapur 230 Kms
Kolhapur-Gaganbawada-Kudal 140 Kms
Kudal-Malvan 30 Kms
Malavan-Chivla-Tarkarli (50 Kms Total pakdo)
Malvan-Shiroda 70 Kms max.
Shiroda-Terekhol-Reddey (50 Kms Total pakdo)
matlab sab milaaake 400+400=800 KMs ka run hoga.
Leave daalna bhi feasible rahega to jaayenge via
Kolhapur, aayenge via Raigadh. Wat say???

Sorry for the late reply ..
I am in & ready for bike trip as well...
Konkan ..GAO ...looks very gr8..


i wud still go for bikes ................ i mean if salil and gaurav can get their cars nuthin like it ......
but i dnt think bikes wud cause as many probs as are being stated ......

abe sale jyada(sorry max) bikes lenge
to max log bikes pe ayenge aur phir g**** max logoki lagegi na......

bhai sahab kahi 400 km ek din me chalaya hai kya? mai chalaya hai... ask me kya g**** lagti hai... mai jab bhi dhule jata hun na bike pe pura din g**** lagti hai dusre din... and after this traveling we r thing of enjoying... i dont think we can...

g**** lagti he piche bathne wale ki....
age wale ki nahi lagti....

agar teri aage bhi g**** lagti he to tu peche baith...teri nayi bike me chalata hu....

kokan goa sath me karte he....
4 din ka chhuti lete he...
hamare pass 1 Oct se 8 Oct tak....time rahega...
kokan se chalte huwe goa car + 1/2 bikes..
agar kisiko car me bor ho reha wo bike pe aayega...

car+bike hamesha..fayde ka he....
agar kaha ruke he...our kuch thode se kam ke liye.
..1..2 km jake kuch dekh ke ana he to bike is good

kokan goa sath me huwa to bad me koi chillayega nahi.
..picnic karte he picnic karte he least for an half year ahead..

ye 1/2/3 din ka trip bor hone laga he....
sal me do bar hi picnic karte he...magar dhasu karte he....
bahut investigation or documentation ya design karke karte he....

har ek pilan ka manager hoga...
is pilan ka...bhugo head manager rahega...our gaurav sirf manager...
baki ideas public (chu ppl )se ayenge hi....

are ek kar to fix he...
to 1/2 biek add kar te he...
ppl bike bhi enjoy karenge na...
our even we take bikes only...then kon akela chu continues biking karega....

adla badli hogina...

sorry Sept 30 se Oct 8 tak time rahega...
Sept 29 ko sham me nikal ne ka...our....dopehar Oct 8 ko aa jane ka...
lets make the longest chucnic...

are g**** lagni matlab...ek type ka enjoying hi

kya faltu site he ...bhaangar.....
ek bhi photo nahi bhi thodi he...

Considering that min 10 ppl are coming ..(Ameya,
Salil, Sanjeev ko bhi pakada hai)

1 car and 3 bikes is a good deal..
atleast we can swap the driwers if kisiki jyada g****
lag rahi hai ..
car lene ka ek fayada bhi hai ke saamaan dump ho
agar 2 cars hai to tension hi nahi.. lekin fir kharcha
thoda jyada aayega

kya bolate ho..
800 kms ke hisaab se car (10 km/lt) 80 lts petrol
(80*55 = 4400)
and 3 bikes (50 km/lt) 16 lt ek gaadi me (16*3) matlab
48 lits bike ko petrol matlab 2640.
matlab petrol pe total kharcha 4400+2640=7040..

matlab har ek insaan ka 700Rs will be petrol.. khaane
peene* alag..

agar 2 cars lete hai to 8800 total on petrol (1800

ye sab hisaab approx hai.. lets make a choice then...
so that car and bike vaale log apane apani gaadiyon ko
thik thaan kar sake trip ke pahele

to mention one thing I will say why go to GOA just hang around Konakan costal line....
even that will be fine if distance is going to cause some problem..

a arre awara ya yedz***ala....

Konkan is Kinda ignored place. N ppl from ther dun
want it to get famous toooo :D
Its a big time thing. Site bhangar hai par place s
really good. coool, peaceful

we dont know what "problem" is...
agar ham "problem" sochte he..etna deep me to...
kya ham lonawala thakurwadi jaisa the most chu trip kar nahi payenge kabhi...

appreciated...gr8 grt8...

late night cheers...
(when charan is not around :P)

I have my office picnic planned on september 15th weekend to GOA. I cannot guarantee rite now, that i would turn up w/ u guys. But even after the picnic, if i still feel like to join, i will definetly come along w/ u all.

Charan - as far as driving 400 kms goes ..... i have driven a bike to Ratnagiri and Dapoli in 1 day ..... i hvnt faced any probs ......

Amol - regarding the 8 day trip ..... i wont b there ..... im saving holidays for my wedding ...... so i wont b taking a leave of even 1 day ..... sorry if im being selfish ......

Bhugho and Pashya - I guess u r rite ..... Konkan is largely unexplored ..... we shud stay wid Bhugo's plan

Salil - saale ek baar jaake aaya to dossri baar jaane mein kya prob hai woh nahi chamka ...... :)

i wud still go for bike trip + Konkan in 3 days .....

Cheers !!

car layega ya nahi woh bol...

aur Amol.. tereko chutti matlab sabako chutti milegi
aisa nahi hai
ne ways i am in for the pilaan(3 day).. bike or car or
bike and car.

am in for beri pilan...

me sirf...idea diya....
maine pahele he clear kiya he...
plan kuch bhi he......

runtime pe me na bolu...kuch reason ke liye...eske chances abhi to kam hi he..

late night cheers....

And we should also ask Gaurav for confirmation about his car's availability.
so that we can plan according to that

I'll contact my friend in this week n gather info fo
bookings n all. so that by next week time we can
finalize the raw estimate etleast.
1 more thing runtime na mat bolna plz. That sucks.
I'll suggest lets either chose bikes or chose cars.
Car n bikes won't b better plan. I mean paas me jaane
ka plan rehta to chal jaata. aage pichhe to bahut hoga
aise plan se.

okeh then i vote for bikes

long drive cheers

I vote only for cars... provided cars r available ;)

Ok Guys some info,
Detailed distances n expences version 1.0:

Pune-kolhapur : 227 KMs
Kolhapur-Gagan Bawada : 42 KMs
Gagan Bawada-Malvan : 80 Approx.
Malavan-Vengurla : 39 KMs
Vengurla-Vengurla--Shiroda :23 KMs
Vengurla--Shiroda-Aaravli : 6 KMs
Aaravli-Redey : 15 KMs
Redey-Goa-Shiroda : 20 KMs
452 KMs
500 KMs Approx liya to bhi 1000 KMs hoga.
Max distance we'll gonna cover in first n last day.
In the nights it is IMPOSSIBLE to drive bikes on
Pune-Kolhapur road. Please NOTE this point.

Kolhapur me rukna hai to I'll surelly manage something
for us.

Shiroda Me Sagartirth Resort Ka Tent: Charges am
enquiring. but won't exceed 300 bucks mostly.

Malavan Me lodge : 300RS Non-AC
700RS AC.
Khane pine ka kharcha m enquiring.

Friday shaam ko nikale to raat tak kolhapur pahuchenge
Saturday morning jaldi nikal ke Malvan pohoch sakte
hai dopahar me.

Sunday We can enjoy in Shiroda n Around

Monday afternoon nikale to bhi der raat tak pahuchenge

Ab dekhana ye hai ki kitne public aanewaale hai?

Jo Public 80% bhi sure hai wo haath upar kare. Na
aanewaale bhi bataye ke wo nahi aa rahe aur kyu nahi
aa rahe!!!

98% sure chus are...

1 bhushan
2 Gaurav
3 Gapat
4 Charan
5 Beri
6 Kore
7 Amol

i am also 80-90% sure boss...

achha pehli baat ..... Gaurav shaayad nahi aayega ... kyuki maybe he is going to South Africa ... Congrats Gaurav ......

doosri baat ..... Bhugo ek baat bata
the distances that u have given between so many places ..... usmein se aise kitne jagah hai jidar apun jaane waale hai ... woh ek baar specify kar de .....
since u r the one who knows that area best .... make a tentative time schedule according to ur estimates .... starting from 6 pm on Friday .... or lets say 5 pm on Friday ..... utna flexibility rakhte hai .....

ur estimates shud include how much time we will spend at each place plus what we will be visiting at that place .....
for each night .... that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday .... u shud mention whr we r gonna stay .... raat mein rehne ka picture clear hone mangta hai .... agar runtime pe decide kiya to time waste hoyega jagah dhoondne mein .... plus agle din late uthenge ..... itna door jaake subah kaa time waste nahi hone mangta ...

i wud say watever the cost estimates are ..... plz b ready to carry 2 K wid u ..... i mean each person ....
assuming Prashant, Charan, Amol, Sabhtarsha, Bhushan and Pratik are coming .... this shud come to 12 K.

lets assume for the time being that its gonna be 3 bikes ..... 1000 Kms ...... assuming an average iof 50 kms ..... we will need 20 litres of petrol per bike ..... that is 60 litres in all ..... which comes to 60 * 55 = 3300.

rehne kaa per head per nite 200 pakad lo max ..... which comes to 1200 per day or 3600 for 3 nights.
khaane kaa per head per day 300 pakad lo max ..... which comes to 1800 per day or 5400 for 3 days

i know this is a high estimate .... but worst case pakda to achha rahega .....
n let me make this a point ..... in the 2 K per head .... drinks wont be included .... peene kaa khud kaa alag se karne kaa .... since mai bhi abhi chhod diya hai ..... so Prashant, Sabhtarsha and I wont b drinking .... and anywayz raat mein 3 log hosh mein rehne mangta hai gaadi chalaane ko agar zaroorat padi to ......

so as of now .... Bhugo .... u do ur job jo maine bola hai upar .....

One imp, better if you take ur bike to service station during 3rd week
of Sept, not so early and not at 11th hour.
Somehow if we come 7 members, wont be much risk for my bike.
i dont prefer pillion rider for my bike.


Bhai log,
The Names I'm taking as confirmed in this activity,


I'll say aur log jo hai CoV me unmese koi aware bhi ye
plan me??

Guys i wanna know how many of u can leave office early
on friday???

i can leave from calsoft by 1.30 if i'll go by 8.30
Please do reply for this mail, so that we can plan out
something proper in leaving time on friday this
monthend. Please ply fast

im ready for half day plan ...... nice maja aayega
plus i guess some non CoVians will also be coming namely Ameya and Pranay
only if others dont mind
anywayz im in for any plan on that day
half day or any day

Ameya and Satish are also interested in this plan..
i will confirm and and let ull know..

nahi yaar mai max 4 baje nikal sakta hai... etna jaldi mera mngr marega mereko...

Real problem as bhugo said to me is that biking after eve on satara-kolhapur road
considering high beams is risky. what say?
So we wanted to know that how early we could left the town?
Let fix the number of ppl coming, let fix the time, so bhiga could repaint the plan.

It is clearly specifying HALF DAY dude. can't u take
it?? thats wat m asking

could make for 2pm

charan tu saala kuch bhi bahaane matt bana
ghar jaata hai to chhutti leke hi jaata hai naa
hum chhutti kahaan bol rahe hai
half day le naa
aur agar abhi se bola tere manager ko to kya prob hai
mai khaali suggestion de raha hai
galat matt samaj
baaki tereko hi bikes pe zyada problem hone waala hai late gaye to .....

Saala baaki log ko saap sung gaya kaa???
Kaha mar gaye sab ke sab l**de.
Aree reply karo. aur jo non-CoVians hai unka ya to
voting karo aur kisiko problem nahi hai to unhe bhi ye
mails me loop me rakho

ok adding non CoVians also to this thread
i guess none of them wud have a half day problem .....
so bhugo, pratik pranay wont hv any probs leaving at half day .....
others plz inform ....

hame recruitment karni chahiye kya....
i mean cov ko naye log uthane )chahiye kya grp me...(adding them to yahoo grp)
jo log bench pe karte he....
chaloooooooo bolo jaldi se....
mereko kam he...bahut

me pan no problem...

Arre mere bhai,

mere khali 4 Casual leaves bache hue hai... And we dont have any funda like half dat, aur mereko 1 ya 2 baje office se nikalna achchha nahi lagta... 4 is max that i can leave.
And as far as my problem of bikes is concerned... I am sure I have travelled maximum distance (4-500KM in a day that too 5-6 times including one complete night travel) on bike. And I have experienced the consequences of such travel. So I was not talking only about my problem, that would be a problem for everybody. But anyway now we dont have any option remaining.

Jyadaa kuchh chamakaahi nahi. Iska matlab tu aa nahi
sakta 4 bajne ke pehle ya fir tu manager ko convience
karke nikal sakta hai 2 baje ya fir tu aanaa nahi
chahata kyunki tera mann nahi karega!!!
Anyway wats the problem of everybody???

Ye to Jahrila passage hai.....

And as far as my problem of bikes is concerned... I am
sure I have travelled maximum distance (4-500KM in a
day that too 5-6 times including one complete night
travel) on bike. And I have experienced the
consequences of such travel. So I was not talking only
about my problem, that would be a problem for
everybody. But anyway now we dont have any option

no problem
whatever unanimous ...
am okayed

in short mai 4 se pehle nahi a sakta

Agar hum 4.30 ko mile to bhi nikalneko 5 bajenge.
So plan will b like this,

29'th Sept.
5.00 : Punese nikalneka
(Assuming that we'll cover maximum distance without
much stops)
8.00 : Satara
(Here we must go slow onwards)
11.00 : Kolhapur (This schedule will surely slip till

Night of 29'th we'll take rest only.

30'th Sept.
6.00 : Kolhapur Chhodaneka
7.30 : Gaganbawada (We'll see if we can do some
time-pass hear for an hour)
by 11.30 We can make it to Malvan

We'll keep our laguage n all n the will rush for
Chivla beach.

1.00 Chivla Beach. Nice small beach. Having beach side
cheap bar n Restaurent too.

2.30 Food time


3.30 Sindhudurga Fort (Simmilar but better than

6.00 Move to some other beach (I'll find out the place
for this time)

baad me food n daaru n food :D
We'll spend this night in Malvan

1'st Oct.
7.00 Early morning We'll rush to Tarkarli

9.00 Will have breakfast near by beach

Will continue this fun till lunch or we'll rush for
some other beach nearby (I'll find out the place for
this too)

2.00 Post lunch we'ld plan for Shiroda n Vengurla
(We'll leave the Malavan lodge if feasible)

Till 7-8 PM we can have fun at these places.

Dinner & Camp-Fire karne ka plan karte hai
(Ye raat Shiroda ke beach tent house pe nikalte hai.)

2'nd Oct.
Next day morning we'll go to Terekhol-Reddy
till lunch we'll enjoy the terekhol fort & Reddy beach
side. Its like GOA only

12.00 Leave from the place & rush to Kolhapur via
Amboli or Karul Ghat whatever

5.00 Leave kolhapur and Rush to Pune

expected that we'll land back in pune by 12.00.

See I've put the options which i remembered just now.
We can make the trip better by putting up the ideas &
places too. So feel free to change the plan :D

mereko us area kaa zyaada kuch pata nahi hai ....
i hv heard the Ghat section at Gaganbavda is awesome .... so maybe we spend a bit more time there
else the plan looks tempting at the first read .....

gr8 job Bhuga ...

good news ....
mai car laa raha hai .....

aur ek bad news bhi hai .....
meri biwi agar cancel karti hai uska trip to mai bhi cancel karega ....
sorry ..... but as of now biwi kaa cancel hote nahi dikh raha hai .....

ek optional plan ready rakhi in case mai nahi aaya .... i mean without car plan ready rakho ...
sorry again ....

We'ld like u to clear this BIWI-Dependant uncertainity
before 15'th. so that we can plan accordingly.

pehli baat tu reply to all kar kyuki non CoVians bhi hai thread mein .....
doosri baat .... 15 ke pehle nahi hoga mera decide ....
aur waise bhi agar cancel hua to last minute hoga .... wohi problem hai ..... :(

Mai to bolta, couples ka pilan karte hai phir.
Gupte bhi aa sakega. lolz

nahi nahi nahi ..... couples nahi plz plz ....
CoV kaa hoyega sirf trip hua to ....

beri nahi to me bhi nahi....

ha beri nahi to mai bhi nahi

lakin ASSuming beri is coming
pilan ready rakhte he.....
bhugo keep updating
our charan tu laptop la raha he....i meant la sakta he kya?...
gaurav tu tere bike ka kya karnewala he?...:)))))))

Malvan Booking is done. Swastik Lodge.
Detailed address I'll carry with me & will be shared
in next 3-4 days.
We are trying for the booking in Shiroda for tent.
Recenytly I've talked to
Dolphine Resort but the owner was not available so
will do this in 2 days.

2 rooms are booked for 4 people in Malvan: 800 Rs.

CoV Kokan Exploring ride..... : Be A Rebel
People : 8
Car : 1 (Pratik's ZEN)
Bikes : 2 (Caharan n ???? Ki Pulser)
Date : 29-09-2006

We'll visit,

1. Chandani Chowk :D

2. Milestone Restaurent, Satara

3. Dhaba, Nearby Kolhapur for Dinner

1. My Home :D

Date : 30-09-2006

2. Mahalaxmi Temple

3. Rankala Lake (For TP)

4. Gagan Bawada


1. Chivala Beach

2. Tarkarli Beach

Date : 01-10-2006

3. Devbaugh Beach (Will let you know about this one

1. Aravli Beach

2. Shiroda Beach

Date : 02-10-2006

3. Vengurla Beach

4. Reddy Beach (Still keeping this in list, we'll
decide this runtime)

Pune : Back To Home :D


Almost finalized estimate

Malvan Resi : 400 + 400 = 800
Shiroda Resi : 800 (Still not done, but in
Car Petrol : 3000
Bikes Petrol : 3000
Pune-Kolhapur Dinner : 500
Kolhapur-Gagan Bawada : 200
Malvan Lunch : 500
Malvan Dinner : 500
Malvan Breakfast : 200
Shiroda Lunch : 500
Shiroda Dinner : 500
Shiroda Breakfast : 200
Kolhapur Lunch : 500
Pune Snacks : 200
Total 11200

Round Figure : 1500 Per Head

Drinks ka apna apna dekhneka hai.

All are requsted to carry 2500 Minimum as we can need
more money sometimes.

Nearest ATMs will be :
UTI, SBI : Kankavali , Kudaal
Malvan May have SBI ATM not sure.

Servicing centers on the way are Bajaj, TVS, Hero
Honda : Kudal, Kanakavli, Vaibhavwaadi

P.S. Suggest or Discuss for changes in this. Minor
Changes will be accepted.

Looks good .....
wats the update on the time charan can leave from office ?

The Things to carry:
4 Kapdo ke jod
Preffer wearing comfertable footwear, chappals are
Maximum underwears :D
Cricket ka set lete hai.
Carry torches
Preffer carrying something like bedshit or chataai.
water bottles lelo jaate time.
Sun screen lotions
Deo, Powder
TOWEL , Napkin


mere pass Sk ki bat la raha hu...

our uska charger battery sab lao

kon la raha he

Mai to bolta hu dun carry laptops et-el.
Dun carry expensive stuff with u. it sucks wen u
concentrate more over it.

are beri samza yar isko....
car me thik thak ek jagah rakhenge laptop....
are kya yar.....chod...
nahi lana to mat loa....

playing cards...
extra shorts...kangii

Charan Rao: ruk ruk
bhushan ghorpade: y so?
Charan Rao: mereko bol which is the central place for
Charan Rao: i think rajaram bridge is central place
for all
bhushan ghorpade: mai to boltaa City Pride Satara Road
Charan Rao: yeah even that is fine
bhushan ghorpade: yep
Charan Rao: ya to fir mai bolta hai lets gather at
pspl or my falt
Charan Rao: flat
bhushan ghorpade: dekhte I'll paste the conversation
on COV then
Charan Rao: udhar se sidha varje se highway lete
bhushan ghorpade: Lets decide that too better idea
Charan Rao: ?Varje naka se highway liya to jyada city
traffic bhi nahi lagega
Charan Rao: aur sab sath sath nikal sakte


sahi bhi yahi soch raha tha....
chandni chowk kafi ulta pad raha he...
charan gachchi milte he sab log
mere liye bhi aasan hoga....our sab ke liye...

Guys lets gather at my flat... thats best... you can dump extra things that you wanted to carry for your office but not for trip. also you can park your bikes at PSPL. of course for that i'll be present at my flat by 3:30PM to 4:00PM max.
This will be central for everybody. think of pashya also. for most of us chandni chawk is close, but not for pashya. i donno about anay.

hey somebody plz add anay on CoV. amol tereko bola tha na kya hua? kyun add nahi kiya usko abhi tak?

anyway, from my flat we'll take karve road and take bangalore highway from Varje naka. so that we wont need to face much of city traffic.

are bhuga...
woh kollapur me koi rajwada ya musiam type he na...
jaha pe shau maharaj ke time ke chije..our unhone shikar kiye huye praniyo ki khale he.....

ps: sorry charan teri language ka sahara le raha u thoda

late night cheers

4.30 charan tower...
gadi charan tower ke pass or pspl me laga sakte ho....
rajaram pul->sinhgad road->blore highway...
anay is a covian, side me dekho New Members 1 karke he..udhar click karo..

bonfire cheers

ch**ya esme meri language ka kya sawal aata hai?
teri hi to language hai...
hai (है) ko tu he likhta hai,
mai (मै) ko tu me likhta hai,
shahu (शाहू) ko tu shau likhta hai
तु सुधरने वाला नहीं है। बचपन मे तेरी टीचर ने तेरा शुद्धलेखन नही लिया था शायद...

arey yaar kya chaalu hai .....
mereko samajh nahi raha hai ki chandni chowk mein kya prob hai
thoda socho ki highway kitne jaldi lagega agar chandni chowk se gaya to
waise bhi car leke waapas city mein aane is not feasible guys
thoda socho
charan bhugo ameya aur anay ko to koi prob hi nahi hai chandni chowk kaa
aur hona bhi nahi chahiye
i guess charan aur bhugo ke office se bohot nazdeek hai chandni chwok
raha sawaal pashya aur amol kaa
to pashya ko prob nahi rahega
amol tu tension matt le .... pashya pspl aake tereko uthaa lega
i am NOT for this plan of meeting at Charan's place ..... car city mein nahi laayega mai .....

tereko bola me laptop la....
hey somebody plz add anay on CoV. amol tereko bola tha na kya hua? kyun add nahi kiya usko abhi tak?
suna maine tera our anay kab ka aad ho chuka he....
ameya n anay plz...ek ek gali do charan ko....i mean post some thing on grp...

hai (है) belong to hindi...he belong to marathi...
mai (मै) belong to belong to marathi...

tu hindi marathi mix karke bolta he,,,,
shayad tune jo hindi gane ke titles hote he na wahase sikha he ye...

are me meeting me ja raha hu....bad me reply karta hu....

continue ch**iyagiri....

not 4:30... at 4:00 m******od tera office ab pass me hi hai... u can leave at 4 also. guys everybody will be at my flat by 4:00 max...

my own two cents
a pasha tu pspl aa re...4.30 tak...
baki tum log dekho...
am in all..
beri 3.4 baje city area me etna traffic nahi rehega re...
wiase charan ke point me point he ...charan tower si best for all....nahi to tu car leke sinhgad bridge aaja..highway pe....that would be another option...

3 naje tu aundh se pspl tak 15 mins me aa sakta 110% sure...

chandno chowk se...gaya to 15-20 km badhta he re sab logo ke liye...chandni chowk -> katrazz is far away..comprae to this other option ...sabka 20-25 km badhega....

baner/aundh chodke sabko ulta pad raha he

i menat sinhgad road ke pass highway pe jo fly over he uske bad ruk wahape....

We can have two different meeting places.(Chandani Chowk & charan's place)
& finally both group to meeet at Katraj just a suggestion.

charan ke ghar pe parking ka problem hai so just keep this mind while planning.

aur laptop ka kya huva?
nobody has answered..

im wid pashya in this regard .....
agar charan ke udhar hi milna hai to ..... sabhtarsha ameya anay and I will meet the remaining people in Katraj
just b4 the turn to Katraj Ghat from the highway ....
im fine wid that
and amol sir .... i know there wont be much traffic at 3 pm or 4 pm but the roads .... uska kya .....
isiliye mai city mein car leke nahi aayega ...

beri dont worry...agar fir bhi tu gadi nahi la sakta tu....all right
sinhgad bridge ke upar highway pe mil...
no prob....

sinhgad bridge nahi ...... Katraj mein milega mai .....

are ha...laptop???

pspl me parking ho sakta he

we will not carry expensive things along. and yes gapats plan sounds good to me.
to add in that lets not meet at my flat. aundh/baner/hinjewadi guys will gather at sadanand, gapat, amol n other guys (if any) at pspl(park ur bikes in pspl) and from here both groups will meet at katraj highway.

Beri is this plan ok for you? arre the only thing is that for non aundh/baner guys chandni chawk is too far.

i guess only amol and pashya are the non-aundh guys..
Ameya and Anay ko kabibhi chandani chowk jyada nazdeek rahega
tu(charan) aur bhuga can come to chandani chowk on charans bike..

waiting for 29th

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to convey that I wont be able to join you all for this wonderful trip.
Enjoy guys and hope that you all have a nice there.

better thing will be Bhuga & charan come to Charan'a flat Bhuga park his bike in PSPL.
so that after coming back it will be easy for Bhuga
even they can park's Bhuga's bike at my place
after all Bhuga & charan to decide.

complicate matt karo yaar
charan bhugo pashya amol can come to Katraj on bikes
remaining 4 will meet u in the car at Katraj
end of story

That sounds cool

laptop idea was jsut for photos ie also if possible.
OK then a small suggestion.
Amol & Anay you carry ur data cables & someone take pen drives
if somewhere we can get a PC for 15-20 min we can transfer photos to pendrive.
I don't wanna do kanjushi on photos .. or we have to delete photos taken by Sabtya.
even after he grabbed a prize(no party for us)

Great idea .... but cyber cafe milna mushkil hai apart from say Kolhapur .... or then maybe last day we will have to go to Goa ..... :)

I guess wer we'll be staying n Malvan apne ko comp aur
net milega. y u guys r dieing for the snaps wen u've
USB keys!!!!

thats really cool idea... i'll carry my 2GB pen drive... somebody pls remind me this on 29th ;)

aani ho sabhtya... kharach baraka re he lok tu kadhlele photos nehmi delete kartat... bhorgiri la tar amol pashyane bharpur snaps udavale tu kadhlele... mhanat hote ki sabhtyala kahi kaam nahiye... to kuthehi click karat asto... :))

I dun think ther will b any need. cyber cafes are ther
n Kudaal fo sure. Malvan la pan astil man

kutrya,.. mazya photon var tuza yevdha dola ka asato re.. haramkhor..
party dega na...
jyada bada nahi dega .. lekin dega..
mai har ek ko 2 Cadbury Gems ki goliya dega .. tension matt ley re...

waiting for 29th

usase accha hai mai tere photos delete karta hai
aur har 1 delete kiye photo ke 2 Cadbury Gems goliya dega
kya bolta hai
chirkut sala...

sahi jawab

Koi Mar Gaya kya???

aadhe log to kab ke marchuke he..ya wo marne ke condition me rehna chante he.....

kuch log he wo bolte me nahi aa raha hu picnic ko to me q mail dalu.....

kuch logo ka attitude he ke "dont bother"....

kuch log CoV jaise grp pe sharafat giri dikhana chahte he.....

kuch naye ladke shayad reply karnese darte he....

baki me soch nahi sakta......

i hardly take 15 sec to read n reply for any cov mail...


Bhaai log,
Malvan ko 30'th ke dopahar se booking kiya hai.

Shiroda ko 1'st ka booking hua hai Sagartirtha Resort

I'm fighting for Dolhpin Resort in aravli. wo kal tak
mila to sagartirtha ka cancel karenge.

Katraj ka ghaat band hai. Kisiko koi updates??
Kolhapur jaaneko 10 gante lag raha hai :(. Wo kab
chaalu honewaalaa hai kisiko pata hai??

Pratik tere car ka servicing hua kya?? Bikes ka
servicing karaya kya public???
Friday ko time batao firse. 4 Baje nikalte hai bhadvo.
Mere ghar pe raat ko rahenge jaisa tay hua tha.
Subah Nikalke Malvan jaayenge.

Ye naye CoV members ka kya lochya hua hai re???
Wo reply kyu nahi karte???

agar katraj ghat band hai to abhi se yeh decide karo ki saswad se jaayenge .....

I just talked to my friend he said ajj se chaalu hoga.

bhugo ek baat bata ....
ueh 10 ghante jo tu bola woh sirf katraj ghat ki wajah se hai kya ?
yaa aage bhi kuch problem hai ?

Sirf Katraj ghaat ki wajah se. bcoz, they have turned
the traffic via NEERAA. the road is bad n heavy
traffic of NH4 it can't bare.

amol isiliya mai tereko sir bolta hai .....
i wud say this is the best mail of CoV so far
Bhugo ka mail can be relegated to 2nd spot ....
sahi g**** maari hai amol tune .....
keep it up .....


anay kaa phone aaya thaa to postpone the departure time.
ur comments ?

katraj ghat me agar bahot traffic rahgga to we can think about DiveGhat at run time.
waisebhi car has the major problem to face , bikes to aisebhi nikal jayengi.

do u think postponing is possible by any chance? it was possible if we had a hired car. not when we r driving our own car along with two other bikes...

I am for NO .....
i mean NO postponing ........
may be a bit unfair ....
but cant help

The road repairing work is still going on as of today. It was supposed
to be
ready for traffic yesterday. It might take 2 more days. But light vehicles
can use new tunnel instead of Katraj ghat. Heavy vehicles are diverted via
solapur road/ diwe ghat.

nahi yaar postpone nahi karenge..
ekto bahut be sabari se raah dekh rahe hai.. is ecvent ki..
aur fir postpone .. nahi plz plz
koi alternative road nahi hai kya ??
mereko pata nahi hai raste nahi to bataya rehata ..
lets c..
thursday tak kya haalat hai katraj highway ka wo observe karate hai..
agar ch**a hua hi raha to alterate rd se jaayenge.. nahi to sab ku pilaan ke mutabik karenge


beri first ask hism how much time he is talking about.
charan is right atleast with the bad traffic conditions.
in any case
more than 2 hrs are just impossible


agar bari majak nahi kar raha he to
my two cents...
kisi bhi halat me beri car laker bhagega....decide time pe....4 log

baki 4 lok bikes pe aayenge...
ab ye decide karo ki...bikes pe anewale 4 log kon honge...
prob...beri our saptya ko chodkar....
our bikes wale to charan tower jama honewale he......

sale anay ko cov pe nail dalna nahi aata kya...
phone karega tuze....
sharmata he kya woh....

usko sptya ki gems ki goli do fir....

cov freshers ko lena chahiye...sab milke ek bar


I'll say postpone will b bad idea, even though katraj
will b open, we'll reach kolhapur late say by 11.30.
Usme bhi we'll leave late to just think ki schedule of
the next day will also go as we'll b tired on friday
night n we'll sleep tight for atleast 6 hours.
Let anay come to office early in morning.

Hi Guys ,

saalo gali maat doo. mai zinda hoo aur har thread immandari se phad raha huu.

to goli kha....
do re esko gemes ki 2 goli...

abe ch**ya phir reply kar na..
sarkaar bhadak jaate hai agar reply nahi kiya to...
yed chaap..

i am still saying it shudnt be postponed .... neither the car nor the bikes
all will leave at 4 pm .... case closed ..... let anay decide how he is gonna manage ....
i know its a bit rude on my part .... but CoV doesnt wait for any1 ..... plz correct me if im wrong .....

maine anay ko call kiya tha....Anay aaj shyam ko bataiga ki friday ko usko kitna time lag raha hai.
depending on that we plan !!
uska phone aaney ke bad mai tum subko notify karta hu,

a yedchhap aur badhir kaun? sarkar ya ameya?

tereko maf kis ne kiya re....
q bola tu...

i agree. so lets stick to current plan at any cost ....

i m completely with beri... even i dont want to wait... its not a question of waiting forsomebody the prob is we cant handle the late timings...

time is fixed at 4 pm for departure
jus spoke to anay ....
he is gonna inform by thursday ...
we have given him an option ....
if he feels that he is getting late to reach pune by 4 pm .... he can come directly to Kolhapur by the time we also reach .....
abhi ke liye ... 7 log confirm samjho
no change in vehicles though .....

Why did u inform the grp abt anay call…?

U should hv wait a little longer…

If u wanted to receive cov shots then what could I say …u set a play n…everybody portrayed it

U did the same last week…raising up the question abt ur availability

I hope u didn do it intentionally

nahi samjha ......
thoda explain kar naa ....

aur ek baat..
bhai log apane ko 4 helmets lagenge..
jiske jiske paas helmet hai wo plz leke aao
ya phir jiska req hai ke usko usika helmet lagata hai (:P) to abhich batado kaun kaun helmets laayega


charan pashya amol bhugo and ameya will get the helmets ..... mera laane ko prob nahi hai lekin mere helmet kaa visor toot gaya haiu ..... :)

Mera Helmet city me chalaane layak nahi raha bhai,
highway pe use karna bewakoofi hogi.

mai mere bajuwale ka bhi helmet maang ke laata hai... chayayala... 4 helmets kafi hai... gaadi me baki helmets rakhne ke liye jagah banani padegi ch**ye log...
hum charo helmets laate hai...
1. charan,
2. pashya,
3. amol,
4. bhugo
baaki koi mat laao helmets...

thik hai fir bhugho kio jagah ameya layega helmet... lekin in any case 4 hi helmets laore...

i will get one.

Katraj Ghaat ka currents status: Still closed. Suggest
optional roads plz.

Gooodd News, Aaj se chaalu hoga

forget katraj ghat ..... we can go from Ambegaon .... just found out yest .... can keep both options open though ....

bhai log ek (actually teen) poochaneka tha

1)apun amboli ghat se jaayenge kya ??
kyu ke bahut logo ne bataya ke udhar se jaa karake..
its a fantastic exp..
agar nahi jaa rahe to aaneke waqt to aa sakate hai kya

2)aur bhugya
ye marleswar, guhaghar kya cheez hai..
is ne thing there ???

3)one more question..
apun ek map lete hai kya taake pata chale .. apun kidhar hai,,, aur aas paas koi aur jagah hai kya ??
just a thot.. waise bhugya ke hote hue... raste chootaneka koi dar nahi hai .. phir bhi..

pls teeno samalo ke jawab dedo.. har sawal ke liye ek ek mail mat daalo.. amol ki tarah.. :P

anybody has GPS?

from pspl.misc

Tarkarli is one of the most lovely Indian beaches in Konkan.

Its quite, no hussle-bussle and very pleasant...!!!

Ya, it is approx 400-450 kms form Pune.

The best way to travel to Tarkarli, is by your own vehicle. Or else
you could catch a ST form Pune to Kudal, and further from Kudal you
will find STs to Malvan.

Now, Tarkarli is nearly 5 kms form Malvan. You can board passenger ST
busses from Malvan ( which travel at regular intervals and are very
frequent) or by an auto rickshaw..!

Traveling by bus from Malvan to Tarkarli will cost you Rs.5 approx.
and an auto will cost Rs.50

You can stay at MTDC which has got lovely hut-style resorts facing the
beach. There is one more resort just opposite to MTDC named
"Chintamani" ( but this resort is not beach-facing and so the tariff
is also half to that of MTDC..I suppose around 500-600 bucks )

Places to visit near Tarkarli are:

- Devbaug beach - Its an union of Sea and Tarli river. Mind-blowing
view with lots of sea-gulls lined up in n number of queues...its
spectacular when the whole swarm soars up in the sky for their
flight..!!! This beach is nearly 2 kms from Tarkarli (Conveyance:
Auto, ST passenger bus or your own vehicle)

- At Devbaugh beach, u go for Dolphin rides and there is also a small
island amidst the sea ( barely 50 sq.mts ) where the boat wala leaves
you so that you could grab few moments of privacy in that lovely
surrounding ( but this island is submerged in water..say ankle length
and its quite thrilling to be over there for even 10 mins..!

- Sindhudurg fort - You will find fairy boats from Malvan to
Sindhudurg fort which is the most convenient way. The fort is
surrounded by sea from all sides..!

- You could also try out the Malvan fish market....a very typical
one...where you get to see all the variety of fish in the world which
is also exported abroad..!

- And last but not the least.....if you love to eat fish....Tarkarli
is the best get to eat lovely fist cuisines at MTDC
resort..even though u r not staying over there.!

tuzya g***dit paay... mhane 'anybody has GPS?' lai advanced zalas re tu... bh**ya... GPS gheun aalelas kaay re?

sapty bola use pata chalna chahiye ke wo pruthvi pe kaha he....
islye ek option me bola....
gali q deta haaaaaaaaaii...

cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi cobi
cobi cobi

sala ujda hagan....bhadkta q he....tereko bola kya GPS lane ko...

our bar tera bham bhabham bham nahi chalgea....
koi dusra soch ke rakh.....demakh use karke....
kya bolte ho bhai log?

amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala... amlya chidala...


main es mahine ka mail count badha rahan hun....:)

ye le...ek to mila....
better he ki....ek bar fir se pilan paint karte he....bhugo karega...
gapat batayega kya kya lana he...
charan to bhugo our gapata ko bol repaint ke liye...

ye kya tha...

to biker our carwale kaha milenge...
where is the meed point then..if not katraz..

Wo e-sakal ka news tha jo kehta hai ke katraj aaj
chaalu ho gaya.
yed**ve, firse milne ke point pe aa gaya!!!

milte udhar hi hai ..... katraj .... udhar kisi ko poochh lenge .... agar band raha to ambegaon udhar se 3 km hi hai .... udhar se jaayenge .....

Hi Guys,

I have prepared a complete information document. U just need to take a printout each for yourself.

mereko ek chamka nahi
Gaganbawda 8 am likha hai ..... does this mean leave for Gaganbawda at 8 am or reach Gaganbawda at 8 am ..... ?
the latter is not possible i guess .....
but padhne se aise lagta hai ki we will be reaching Gaganbawda at 8 am which shud not be the case ....
plus roj kitne baje uthnekaa hai woh nahi likha hai
woh sabse zyaada important hai .....
this constraint can be relaxed for the final nite (sunday nite) since agli subah apneko kahin door nahi jaane kaa hai

bhugho has joined the conference.

csrajput has joined the conference.

Amol Pujari: hi

pratik_pappul: Busy

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice: pratik_pappul has declined to join.

gap_prashant has joined the conference.

bhugho: hi

sabhtarsha has joined the conference.

bhugho: ameya nahi aaya kya?

gap_prashant: bolo yaar koi to bolo

ameya_agnihotri22 has joined the conference.

ameya_agnihotri22: yaa

csrajput: kya bolo mera mood nahi hai bolneka...

Amol Pujari: suno bhai log...

mere office me ek ch**iya he...uski alto he...

me usko puchke dekhta hu wo aa sakta he kya...

last update sham ko deta hu...

csrajput: abbe bahar ke kisiko nahi bulane ka...

bhugho: aisa kuchh bhi mat karo bhaai

ameya_agnihotri22: ok

csrajput: nobody from outside

bhugho: yes

Amol Pujari: to kya kare

bhugho: no 1 from outside

bhugho: in this trip

Amol Pujari: ok...

bhugho: core cov trip hona mangtaa hai

csrajput: mera pehle hi dimag satka hua hai tu aur mat satka amol

Amol Pujari: car ka entezam ho sakta he kya fir..?

ameya_agnihotri22: SORRY GUYS!! I AM BIT BUSY

ameya_agnihotri22 has left the conference.

bhugho: abbe ye chhodke kyu gaya?

Amol Pujari: ameya tu sirf etna bata tu aa raha he ke that it will help us...

bhugho: saalaa aone ko hi kaam dhandaa nahi

Amol Pujari: are use add karo koi

Amol Pujari: saptya tu he na...

Amol Pujari: our saptya anay ka kya update he

pratik_pappul has joined the conference.

bhugho: sabtya baat kyu nahi kar raha?

Amol Pujari: beri ko kisne aad kiya re..

bhugho: aal aala

ameya_agnihotri22 has joined the conference.

csrajput: tu kayko zak marne ko aaya re edhar?

Amol Pujari: amyea sirf bata ke tu he ya nahi?

Amol Pujari: it will help us further

csrajput: somebody plz remove Mr. Beri

ameya_agnihotri22: i am comming tommorrow

ameya_agnihotri22: but i am busy plz


Amol Pujari: NOW U CUD LEAVE...

ameya_agnihotri22: THANX FRIENDS

csrajput: jaa baba kaam kar

csrajput: bye bye

ameya_agnihotri22: i have a big customer issuee thats eating my head!!

Amol Pujari: charan tera kya....TU AA RAHA HAI...

Amol Pujari: ok ok

ameya_agnihotri22: sorry!!

Amol Pujari: its ok

Amol Pujari: u leave

Amol Pujari: are ye saptya.............????

ameya_agnihotri22 has left the conference.

csrajput: dekho agar car hai to mai aata hai ya fir nahi...

csrajput: agar mereko katraj ghat pe car nahi dikhi to mai wapas chala jayega...

Amol Pujari: are charan manage kar na sale...

csrajput: i cant...

csrajput: i know i want to enjoy in konkan... gaadi chalake ya pichhe baith ke khud ki g**** nahi marvani mereko

Amol Pujari: are charan..ham thode continues..gadi chalayenge...

Amol Pujari: max time...beach pe gujar

Amol Pujari: agar teri kamar ka problem he me he na..masaj kara dunga teri

Amol Pujari: koi bhugo our saptya ko add karo firse

Amol Pujari: unka yahoo gandela hai

Amol Pujari: charan saptya our bhugo ko add karo fir se

sabhtarsha has joined the conference.

bhugho has joined the conference.

bhugho: thats cool


bhugho: ab bolo

gap_prashant: kya karna hai bhai log

Amol Pujari: saptya tera kya...tu he na

Amol Pujari: anay ka kya update hai

bhugho: ek minute

bhugho: sab log hai

Amol Pujari: kisi bhi halat me pilan implement hoga

gap_prashant: Bari is coming

bhugho: aur abhi sab log ko aanaa hi hai

gap_prashant: hi ha ha

sabhtarsha: hahahahaha


Amol Pujari: beri nahi mangta mereko

bhugho: just wo anay katraj aayega ya kolhapur??

sabhtarsha: wo abhi tak pata nahi

bhugho: ye chamol chup na

Amol Pujari: chuped

bhugho: pilan decide karo nikalne ka aakhari baar

sabhtarsha: uska wo audit shuru nahi hua tha tuesday ko bhi

Amol Pujari: are kitne bar karoge

sabhtarsha: suno

Amol Pujari: me mere friend ko bola...wo aa raha he*do...

gap_prashant: bolo sir

csrajput: abbe nobody from outside bola naa

Amol Pujari: kya huwa...koi to bol raha tha..."suno" karke

Amol Pujari: kaha gaya wo insan

Amol Pujari: )))))))))))))))

bhugho: no 1 from outside plz

bhugho: COV genuine trip

sabhtarsha: abhi baat kiya mai

sabhtarsha: Anay se

sabhtarsha: wo bola aaj shaam tak pata chalega usko

sabhtarsha: to wo mereko batayega

bhugho: apne paas map aa gaya pure trip ka mai bhejta CoV pe drawing karke

sabhtarsha: mai mail daalega vaisa

Amol Pujari: me bhi

bhugho: chalega


gap_prashant: beri ka kya huva???

gap_prashant: beri bolega kya?

Amol Pujari: saptya tu gems ki goliya tayar rakh

bhugho: beri mar gaya kya?

sabhtarsha: ha bhai..

sabhtarsha: 2 ke badale 3 dega terekio

sabhtarsha: akhir tera camera tha na bhai

sabhtarsha: are ek baat bata

Amol Pujari: muze mat de....

sabhtarsha: ye Gaurav online kyu nahi aata

Amol Pujari: jab gapat tera photo delete karega tab tu 2 kha liya kar

Amol Pujari: suno

sabhtarsha: udhar kaise jagah pe daala hai

gap_prashant: usako net aceesss nahi hai

sabhtarsha: ohh

sabhtarsha: ghar par vagera bhi nahi hai kya ?

Amol Pujari: muze aaj sanjeev bhaiya se..40 gb portable disk milanewala hai

gap_prashant: sahi hai

sabhtarsha: sahi

sabhtarsha: lekin uska kya karaneka

csrajput: amol ki g***d me daaleneka

sabhtarsha: tere camera se uspe photo transfer kar sakate hia kua ?

Amol Pujari: ha

Amol Pujari: agar comp mila to

sabhtarsha: sahi hai fir

sabhtarsha: fir kaay ko laptop ke peeche pade the

gap_prashant: can u transfer it directly I mean without a PC?

bhugho: suna

Amol Pujari: our ha..sanjeev ko koi ping mat karo eske bare me...nahi to wo nahi dega..shayad se...

bhugho: tere camere se USB key me tranfer ho sakta hai kya?

gap_prashant: accha accha

Amol Pujari: not without pc

bhugho: o o

Amol Pujari: it has usb connector...

bhugho: to thik hai apne ko waise bhi netcafe mil sakte hai

bhugho: tension mat lo

sabhtarsha: thike

Amol Pujari: charan to kal ladki dekhega kya...

sabhtarsha: hahahqaha

sabhtarsha: sahi sawal hai ... amol

gap_prashant: kolhapur me ladaki dekhaneko bol usako

bhugho: hehehehe

Amol Pujari: cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

cobi cobi..

gap_prashant: ya phir kokanKanya

bhugho: dikhayenge dikhayenge

Amol Pujari: malvan porgi...))))))

bhugho: Malvani Porgi

sabhtarsha: hahahahahaha

gap_prashant: galyan sakhali Sonyachi an hi porgi konachi

Amol Pujari: are beri...bol nahi to sab log gali dega abhi

sabhtarsha: brb


Amol Pujari: suno me ek khas gano ka CD compile kiya me baithne walo ke liye...

gap_prashant: aur ak special Adivasi sample bhi hai na car me

Amol Pujari: usme ..2005 tak ke gine chune songs hai

Amol Pujari: konkon

Amol Pujari: kon kon

Amol Pujari: kon adivasi ha

Amol Pujari: hai

gap_prashant: Charan...BhamBhambhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

bhugho: hehehehe


Amol Pujari: are charan koi naya gana mila kya

Amol Pujari: wo BhamBhambhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...nahi chalgea...

Amol Pujari: charan tere interview ke to leta hai ladkiyanka...usme pucha...what is BhamBhambhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

bhugho: charan bhi reply nahi kar raha

bhugho: ye brb kore kidar mar gaya?

bhugho: aur popat bhi suddenly ud gaya shayad

Amol Pujari: add karo sabko fir se

gap_prashant: Sand*s ko gaya hoga...

bhugho: abe 6 log already he

Amol Pujari: :0))))))))))))))))))))

bhugho: ameya ne reject kiya invitation

Amol Pujari: use chod

Amol Pujari: wo aa rha ahai

Amol Pujari: very imp....katraz me exactly ki kaha milne wale hai

Amol Pujari: katraz bada hai..esliye pucha

Amol Pujari: where should be the exact meet point?

bhugho: Katraj jaha shuru hota hai

bhugho: udhar ek garden dhaba hai

gap_prashant: Katraj PMT depot

bhugho: I guess NISARGA

gap_prashant: in the chowk

bhugho: udhar milte he

bhugho: city ke thoda bahar bhi hoga

bhugho: aur dhundhne me problem bhi nahi hoga

Amol Pujari: gapat yad rakha re.....ham do sath me hoge...gum na ho jaye kidhar..

gap_prashant: ha ha

bhugho: to wo dhaabe ke idhar hi milte hai chalegaa??

bhugho: charan n me will b together

csrajput: ok

bhugho: beri ko batata mai

Amol Pujari: ok to uska bhi mail dal...uska exact location

Amol Pujari: mail dal..mail

csrajput: but keep in mind if i dont see any car i'll backout

csrajput: form katraj

Amol Pujari: ha ja..teri bike leke jaynge ham

csrajput: tari g***d

Amol Pujari: chatega kya...

Amol Pujari: shiiiiiiiiiiit

bhugho: are teri to

bhugho: tu yeda bh*k hai kya charan??

Amol Pujari: jul 133 mails..

aug 149..

sep 252 till time..

Amol Pujari: cheeeers..

Amol Pujari: late nite cheers

Amol Pujari: bonefire cheers

Amol Pujari: are ha..bonfire ka kya...

Amol Pujari: kidhar kar sakte hai

bhugho: Aaravli Beach

gap_prashant: charan ke aur beri ke Z** jalayenge

bhugho: pe karenge

bhugho: Malavan pe nahi kar paayenge

Amol Pujari: wo shayad z** kat ke aayenge...

bhugho: are yaar

bhugho: ye public kidar gayab ho gaya??

csrajput: kya hua?

Amol Pujari: our kya points discuss karne hai

gap_prashant: are ha

gap_prashant: barish lag sakata hai kya kanhi pe

Amol Pujari: sar pe lage ga...aya to

gap_prashant: I mean jacket lene ke liye

Amol Pujari: our thoda badan pe...agar chupa nahi to

csrajput: abbe gapat tera woh mail dhundh ke wapas daal naa... jisme tune kya kya laane ka woh likha hai

Amol Pujari: our list me car dal....nahi to charan kulti marega..

gap_prashant: are nahi mil raha hai yaar

bhugho: naya mail likh

bhugho: aur dhangse concentration se likh

bhugho: public uspe dependant rahegi

bhugho: dun miss any small thing too

gap_prashant: CoV pe vheja tha na?

Amol Pujari: sale gapat ko w pakad rahe ho...

Amol Pujari: ek to mail thik se rakte nahi

Amol Pujari: agar gapat chaddi miss kiya list me to tu kya chaddi nahi laye ga kya

Amol Pujari: jo tuze imp lage sab dal beri ki car me

csrajput has left the conference.

bhugho: teri maa ka

bhugho: aise nahi bola mai

Amol Pujari: bhugo sun na...

bhugho: chalo gotta work a lil

bhugho: ha bol

Amol Pujari: nahi gapat tu sun...tere pass pura conf he na

Amol Pujari: save kar ke rakh...

bhugho: tum log ki to

Amol Pujari: html form me

Amol Pujari: end me mail dal uska...

bhugho: ha ha

bhugho: sahi rahega

bhugho: chalo m signing off

bhugho has left the conference.

Amol Pujari: muze shayad abhi machine restart karana padega

Amol Pujari: are sab log so gaye kya...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...\

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

Amol Pujari: cobi...

sabhtarsha has left the conference.

what abt first aid kit!!

12. Deo kya chiz hai...

our talcum powder q chahiye....vikash he kya sath main

Gr8 Job.

maine printout le bhi liya

maine printout le bhi liya

Important phone numbers
Kolhapur : My Home : (0231)2660716
Malvan : Swastik Lodge : Suchee - 9423051829
Shiroda : Sagartirtha Resort : Dilip - 9822133231
Umesh Joshi -

Bhushan : 09923448388
Pratik : 9822295483
Charan : 9850960550
Amol : 9890337774
Sabtya : 9850714971
Gapat : 9890334181
Ameya : ????
Anay : ????

Aur kuchh info chahiye to batao.

mereko yeh nahi pata chal raha charan ko printouts q chahiye...
kabhi nahi to printouts ke piche pada hai...kab se...
kya charan kya zol hai...

waise teri ye doc file maine grp:file pe dali hai....2006 Copypaste Charan Singh Rajput karke....

count down begins...
25 hours remaining

why te hell 25 ...

guys .....
assuming that anay is not coming .... we can follow the following guidelines .....
Always have 3 people in the car and 2 each on the 2 bikes. This would mean that no biker would be alone.
In the ghat section, we can offload one bike and get 1 fellow back in the car. I mean in the ghat section, we will have 4 people in the car, 2 on one bike and 1 on the other. This can be done only if needed.
We have to swap the bikers every 50 kms and this will be followed rigidly no matter how much anyone cribs. Charan, tereko bhi thoda der bike pe rehna padega .... i mean only 50 kms at a time.
While entering and leaving prominent towns like Kolhapur or Satara, I would want Bhugo in the car to show directions. So we can start off from Pune with Bhugo on the bike with Pashya Amol and Sabhtarsha. Charan, Ameya and I will start off from Pune in the car.
Go CoV .......... Go Goa .... !!

One more important thing.
My sister from Sawantwaadi called me yest eve n told
me that we'ld not go far inside the sea. Please Plase
paani me jyaada andar mat jaana. Oct is worst time for

After very confusing low-high tide situations from
month June-Aug(Rakhi Pornima) paani me BHAVRE banate
hai bahot. they creat big hole n sand n have power to
swallow the human in it. Lets make CoV matured, smart
& responsible group in this trip.
Ch**yagiri beach pe jam ke karenge.

If u want to enjoy a lot n deep sea. I'll arrange the
different 2 days trip after this sometime n Dec-Mar as
it s best time to do ch**yagiri in sea.

My special instructions on this are for everyone.

I want everyone to listen to localites as well
regarding this.

Go safe.....Go CoV.....Go Goa....

no problem

anyhow within next 30 minutes. please find out what r p[lans of Anay. This should be his final plan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Gud News, Gud News, Gud News.
Aaravli beach pe Ya Malvan Beach pe jo party hogi.
Daaru Jamke n Dinner, will be sponsered by..........
Sabtya n Gapat. the latest b'day boys on CoV.

Hey Fantastic... thanks sabhtya and gapat... we r proud of u :)
and hey please udhar jaake roneka nahi ki paisa nahi hai... abhise manage karlo...
kuchh bhi karo, chori karo, daaka dalo, bhikh mango... lekin udhar intezam achchhese hona chahiye...

once again sabhtya, gapat... thank you very much for the party offered :D

mai nahi aa raha hai...mnereko 2 3 jagah munji ke liye jana hai...
gali do mereko

bhia log meet point fix karo...
wo bera kuch bol raha tha....sala,,,
ye bhugo koi bhaltach bol raha tha..nisarg karke....
pehle wo fix karo....

are charan ka party bhi bacha hai...
yad hai kya....
wo bolatha ma dunga karke....

luto charan ko...........

first aid kon le raha hai...

are suno
gapat foot ball nahi la raha hai

gali do usko

Katrraj chowk mein mil rahe hai mai aur sabhtarsha tum log ko
tum log kaise aa rahe ho udhar woh tum dekho ....

e charan

tuzya g**ndit paay ghalu ka bh**vya? gauravchya ghari tuzya !@#!@$#~ ne dili hoti kaay re party ma@#@*hod?

sale...tu our saptya abhi bhi mile huwe hona....g**dooo
mai sab log milne ki bat kar raha hu....
tu our saptya katraz corner pe milke kya fugdi

kya huwa hai tereko aaj...aise ajib se confusion bhare mail q dal raha
hai tu....
saptya ne tereko gems ki goli di kya uske Bday par...

sab log katraj mein milenge

Ameya tu kya kar raha hai ??
kidhar milne vaala hia ??

e charan
u owed me 245 rs...rem....

kab re kab diya to party...

tu jar sun le bhugo ka....
fir fix karo point....
wo katraz corner pe bahot bhid rahegi....
waha nahi milte hai....

wo nisarg karke dhaba type hai...
udhar hi milte hai...
sahi ke bahar....
koi nahi rahega jada...

our gali chictionary main nahi hai...
wo tu nahi de sakta....
q ke tu ch**iya hai...

tu hamesh tera piar g**di me ghale ki bat karta hai...
pata nahi tera future kaisa hoga...
saudhar ja....
g**d me pair nahi dalte.....

Bhai Log .. Have a blast on the trip and plzzzzzzzz try to capture every moment of the endless fun you gonna have.

Have a great picnic!!

Hey thanks a lot.
We'll miss u for sure. :(

I'm going home n next 10 minutes.
I'll meet at Charan's place & then We'll meet in Katraj shaarp at 4.30 PM
No delays plzzzzzz....
Traffic n all ch**ya reasons pehle hi consider karke nilklo.


hay ruk ek minute ruk...

Thats how it ended. We had the most amazing time on that trip. We followed most of what was discussed. I have written an entire account here.

But this discussion was amazing. Not everyone would agree to it. But so be it.

Note: Please pardon me if I have not explicitly *ed(starred) some expletives.

Cheers ... !!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A weekend gone awry ... !!

One of my worst weekends.

There were 2 activities planned, one each on both days. We were supposed to meet Amol and Renuka and present them with their wedding frame (gosh, they got married in Jan and its September now ... talk about Indian Standard Time ...). They cordially invited everyone involved to their place in Sanghvi for lunch and some casual fun (banter?).

I am convinced that the fun and joy you experience with one set of people may not seem like a FUN and JOY to a bigger set of people. I think I am thoroughly ashamed at the ruckus caused that afternoon (without going into the details). Yes, I am speaking only for myself. We still enjoyed, pulled each other's legs, played DC and had delicious food but our so called NORMAL FUN ROUTINE isn't something to write home about. At some point, I personally felt I disrespected the hosts. I am not sure if an APOLOGY (I have started hating the term SORRY even more) is going to act as a glue and I wont be surprised if I am not invited again. Sorry (there I go again) folks ... !!

Sunday followed a similar script of disappointment. We had planned to go to Thosegar. All throughout the day, it was extremely warm and sunny which irritated us no end. Plus, the road to Thosegar was broken in between. We had to board a ST to reach Thosegar. Though the falls were great as always, it looked like a different place due to the sunny atmosphere. We dropped our plan to go to Kaas and then trudged home at around 7 pm. The only saving grace was playing cards till about 11 pm (and I loved the game "Minimum"). I also saw the last day of the Ryder Cup.

But there was enough damage done. It will take something to beat this horrible weekend. Lots of lessons to be learnt and lot of soul searching in the offing. It will take some time to heal.

Cheers ... !!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ryder Cup ... !!

I couldn't resist it. I had to write about THE Ryder Cup. For my money, the best GOLF tournament in the world. I will not go into the details about the rules of GOLF since I have already written about it here. I will directly delve into the details of this tournament.

As I have mentioned before, the Ryder Cup is not a tournament for individuals unlike other tournaments. Its a team tournament more like the Davis Cup in tennis or the Mosconi Cup in pool. But only 2 teams are involved in the Ryder Cup namely USA and Europe.

The first task is to choose the non-playing captain for each side. This task is carried out using a voting system by the golfing associations of each team (PGA for USA and EPGA for Europe). This time around the non-playing captains are Paul Azinger for USA and Nick Faldo for Europe, both greats of the game.

Once the captains are finalized, the players need to be selected. Currently, each team has 12 players. The selection of the top 8 of each team is straightforward. The top 8 of USA and Europe are automatic selections. The selection of the last 4 slots is quite dicey and generally controversial. The last 4 slots are at the discretion of the captain. He is free to choose anyone and he need not follow the rankings. The captain can come under a lot of fire from the associations and the media for selecting someone way down in the rankings. Most of the times, its the gut feeling of the captain about a player that makes the decision. Some of the reasons for selecting a low ranked player might be due to the fact that his current form has been great OR he is a local to the venue.

So once the team of 12 is comprised, its time to head to the venue. The Ryder Cup is a 6 day event. The first 3 days are reserved for practice and photo shoots (YES, its a gala event where media all around the world is flocking to create news). The next 3 days are the business days of the tournament.

So, are the rules any different from other golf tournaments? Well, YES and NO.

NO, because you follow all the general rules of GOLF. YES, coz there has to be something different to separate a grand tournament from other tournaments. Here are the differences:

As I have said earlier, its a team tournament. The scoring system is also different. In essence, there are only three possible results on every hole. A team either wins the hole, loses the hole or halves the hole. Here is what each one of them means:

All 18 holes are played is a team versus team manner. This means that if player A from USA is playing against player B from Europe and on a Par 4 hole, A takes 4 shots while B takes 3 shots ... this means B wins the hole (which also means A lost the hole). But the most distinguishing fact is that there is no score as such. Its just spoken/written as:

Player A (USA) vs Player B (Europe) 1 up

If A would have won the hole, it would have been written as:

1 up Player A (USA) vs Player B (Europe)

If on a Par 5 hole, A takes 3 shots while B takes 7 shots, it does not mean A is up by 4. I reiterate that the hole is either won or lost or halved. In this case, its just that A won the hole and it counts as a lead of just 1, no matter how many less shots you took. In a normal tournament, it would have meant that A is ahead of B by 4 shots. But in Ryder Cup, it means that A won the hole and he now leads B by 1. In essence, whether a player takes 1 shot less or 10 shots less doesn't matter. A winning hole means you now lead by 1 more, thats it.

Halve means that both players took the same number of shots on a particular hole. Its more commonly called as THE HOLE IS HALVED which does not change the score. If the score is the same at the end of 18 holes, the match is said to be halved and the score is commonly called All Square denoted by A/S.

Now that the scoring format is in place, its time to visit the playing schedule of the tournament.

There are 3 types of matches played. Foursomes, Fourballs and Singles. What are these?

Each captain announces 4 teams of 2 players each. The selection is entirely up to the captain. So USA and Europse both will have 4 teams each. The draw is made and each team is pitted against some opponent team. As the name suggests, there are 4 balls in play at a time. Each player plays for himself on a particular hole. After all 4 players complete the hole, the person who has taken the least number of shots wins the hole for his team. Lets take an example.

Suppose Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson form a team for the USA and Padraig Harrington and Paul Casey form a team for the Europeans. Now all these 4 players will start off at Hole 1. Suppose it is a Par 5 hole. Now lets say, Woods takes 3 shots, Casey takes 4, Harrngton takes 5 and Mickelson takes 6 shots to complete the hole. Since Woods took the least number of shots ... at the end of the 1st hole the score would be 1up in the favor of the Americans. In case more than 1 player has the least score for a hole, it is checked if 2 players from different teams have the least score. If YES, then the hole is halved. If NO, it means both players are from the same team and hence that team goes up by 1 shot. So, if Woods and Mickelson both take 3 shots while the other 2 players take 4 shots, it means that both players with least score are Americans and hence America leads by 1 shot.

In this way, Fourballs matches are playes over 18 holes.

Each captain again selects 4 groups of 2 players each, much the same way as Fourballs. The difference here is no player plays for himself. Players from each group play alternating shots. This means that Player 1 plays the Tee shot on Hole 1. The next shot is played by Player 2 from the place where Player 1 landed his first shot. Player 1 plays the 3rd shot and so on. Note than irrespective of the outcome of the hole, Player 2 will play the Tee shot on Hole 2. So in essence, just 2 balls are in play, one from each team. The team that takes the least shots wins the hole. If both teams take the same number of shots, the hole is halved. Lets take an example with the same player formation as in the example of Fourballs.

Woods plays for 1st shot on Hole 1 for USA. Casey plays the 1st shot for Europe. Mickelson will play the second shot from where Woods' 1st shot landed. Harrington will do the same for Europe. Woods will play the 3rd shot as will Casey and so on. Suppose Mickelson plays the last shot on the hole for USA. It does not mean Woods will play the 1st shot on Hole 2 since Woods hit the Tee shot on Hole 1. Mickelson will play the Tee shot on Hole 2 since Woods had hit the Tee shot on Hole 1. This also means that irrespective of how the holes play out, both players in a group will hit 9 Tee shots each. Woods will Tee off on all odd numbered holes while Mickelson will Tee off on all even numbered holes.

In this way, Foursomes matches are playes over 18 holes.

This is a one on one series where all 12 players have to play. The draw is made and it is as easy as 12 matches where each player plays for himself. Not much to explain here.

On the first 2 days, 4 Foursomes matches are played in the morning session while 4 Fourballs matches are played in the evening session. So at the end of the first 2 days, 16 matches are played overall. Singles are played on the 3rd day. So overall, 28 matches are played over 3 days. Each match carries 1 point. The team that wins a match gets that point. If the score is A/S at the end of 18 holes, both teams get half a point each.

There is beauty to the scoring system. I think I will have a problem explaining it.

If one team is ahead of the other team by a margin which is more than the number of holes remaining, then the match is called off there itself and the remaining holes are not played. It makes sense. Lets illustrate with an example.

Player 1 (USA) is playing against Player 2 (Europe). Player 2 is 4 up after 15 holes. Now only 3 holes are remaining. The best case scenario for player 1 is that he wins all the 3 remaining holes but it will still mean that Player 2 won by 1 shot. Hence the remaining 3 holes are not played. Player 2 is awarded the match by the score of "4 & 3". What does this mean? It means Player 2 won by 4 shots with 3 holes to play. I think now it sounds simpler than I thought at first.

So thats about it regarding the playing rules and the format of the tournament. USA will be the hosts this year and the venue is Valhalla in Kentucky. This is after Europe thrashed America 18.5-9.5 2 years ago in Europe. America last won the Ryder Cup in the last decade. Europe has won 8 of the last 11 Ryder Cups and they start favorites this year too. Reason? Tiger Woods is injured and he wont be playing. He is considered as the single most defining player for the Americans. Thats a huge loss for USA.

I cant wait for it to start tomorrow and come Sunday, expect lots of people to flock to Valhalla to see who takes home the RYDER CUP.

Cheers to a great tournament and an even better sporting legacy ... !!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Joys of a Get-Together ... !!

Its not a surprise that I am fond of meeting up with pals. I seldom understand (or even try to) the mechanics of avoiding a Get-Together(GT). It would require some effort on my part to give up on GTs. Why is it so fascinating?

For starters, its all about THE camaraderie. The very prospect of meeting up with your bumchums (and possibly someone new) is enough to pump up the adrenaline. For me, a GT is a huge stess buster (now I am talking like a techie). For all crooners who put glycerine to shame by talking about those wonder years at school/college, a GT can possibly put those days to shame. You can freak out doing what you enjoy. Its all about detaching yourself from all your inhibitions. It can be anything. Smalltalk, enjoying a drink, venting your frustration on someone, finding a shoulder to cry on, depicting funny incidents, some weird/great experience with a person of the opposite sex, etc.

I have been blessed (like so many others) with just not lots of friends but lots of friend groups as well like my school group, saath-mein-bade-huey-saath-mein-khele group, Cricket group, Wadias group, BCS group and the effervescent CoV group. Just imagine the variety that is dished out.

For example, when my school group meets up, we never stop chatting about school teachers (how the love has grown for them) and the %$#@!&* school laws that we needed to abide by and how one day we will seek retribution for all the caning our poor arses were subjected to. For saath-mein-bade-huey-saath-mein-khele group, its tough to separate normal talk from expletives. I would never like to be caught when I am with them. The welcome in these meets is completely rotten and downright vulgar.

Add a bit of zing in the form of liquor and nicotine (or reminding someone about an ex flame) and things will definitely get cracking. As long as the commong denominator in such times is fun, GTs will never disappoint you. The sad part is that it has to end some time and that is also the worst part. But it leaves you with an experience and a craving for more. You can always refer to past GTs to plan something new.

I am often criticized for expecting people to turn up at GTs. Not that I enjoy it but I love to persuade people to come by. Persuasion has its moments. Sometimes it looks like FORCING on my part. Most of the times, this persuasion is not for myself but for the people themselves. But alas, its either misinterpreted or ignored. Did someone say IGNORANCE IS BLISS?

But its a well known fact that its not about who didnt make it. The moment you start repenting about "Oh, it would have been great if he/she would have been there", its time to pack your bags and leave.

I am already looking forward to the next GT I guess. Cheers ... !!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ganpati maazha naachat aala ... !!

Yes, its that time of the year. The Elephant God spares some time from his busy schedule (read eating modaks, durva, bananas,etc and riding his mooshak) and spends some time with his devotees. Not that I am die hard worshiper of God but its something I look forward to every monsoon ever since I was 6 years old. I got my first Ganesh idol for a whopping Rs. 3.50. I was a rich man then ;)

My company managed to surprise me once again (wonder when these negative surprises will cease to exist !!) by not offering us a holiday. Kudos to them. A JOB well done. Anyway, we had booked our Ganpati idol (from a stall outside our housing society) over the weekend itself . It is a Orange+Yellow combo, more commonly called in Marathi as "S(h)enduri". This saved us from a trip down to the city which irritated the hell out of us every year.

Biwi and I decorated the platform on which our 2 Ganpati idols (Yes, we have 2 idols every year for 10 days. The first one is from last year and the second is the new one that we get. Visarjan is for the Ganpati from last year.). Though, Biwi will vouch for the fact that I hardly did anything :).

So we brought Bappa home with just the 2 of us participating towards the fanfare with chants of "Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangalmurti Morya". The idol looked great and the 2 idols were complimenting each other well. One purple and the other S(h)enduri.

After we performed "aarti", I somehow wanted to bunk office and rejoice Bappa's homecoming. But alas, it is not that easy. But the next 10 days will be a joy.


Cheers ... !!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Mi primero blog en el espanyol ... !!

Me complace escribir esta.

Me empezar dos hace meses y se ha dificil aprender un nuevo idioma. el espanyol es un gran idioma que me gusto aprendizaje. he utilizado un cuatrocientos pagina libro y dos CDs por aprender espnayol. No hablo el espanyol muy buen. Puedo leer, hablan y escribo pero no entiendo espanyol muy bien porque es hablan rapido. Yo quiero mas a la practica y el aprendizaje de espanol nunca acabara. Pero me siento bien. Voy a escribir mas tarde algunos mas. Si, he tomado algunas ayuda de Google por escribir esta ... Chao ... !!