Monday, December 04, 2006

Bachelor's ... CoV style ... !!

Yeah, what a Bachelors party. This is what I had dreamt of. There were no strippers, no over the top hooliganism and no exaggerated brouhaha. It was just spending quality time with your bumchums and freaking out. In the morning, it seemed like no one would be able to make it since everyone was busy. But by the time it was 10 pm, we were safely deposited in a corner of one of our latest hideouts ... Archers.

It was a pleasure to be with Prashant, Salil, Sabhtarsha, Charan, Amol and Ameya. In other words, the heart and soul of CoV. Chicken, paneer, peanut masala and Vodka were gulped down which included plenty of rounds of bottoms up. As a token, the Smirn Off bottle was labelled with signatures of everyone and we left a bit of Vodka in it. I guess I will frame that bottle.

It was 12 30 am. Salil and Prashant decided that they would go home. The remaining decided that we will have a bit of an adventure. The next thing we knew was that we were hurtling down Mulshi road towards DiveAgar .. another hideout. Though the roads were pathetic, I didnt realise it since I was high.

We stopped at Mangaon at 3 am for some tea. It was a chilly night and tea was the perfect answer for it. We reached Diveagar at 4 30 am and started walking in the dark towards the beach. It can get scary at night with all the tall trees around you. Luckily, Charan had a torch in his cell. We lazed around on the beach gazing in the star laden sky.

Astronomical talks were the order of the night thereafter with Sabhtarsha and Ameya ruling the roost. Charan and I found a bit of time to have a nap. After about 2 hours, we decided to head back home and left Diveagar at 6 30 am. I must say Konkan looks good no matter what time it is. We were driving through fog for most of the journey with the sunrise in the background.

The road suddenly appeared to be very bad unlike the night and I kept muttering that we hadnt come from this road. I knew I was kidding but I wanted to remember this for the rest of my life. We reached Pune at around 11 am.

What a Bachelor's. Unplanned, unmanaged and maybe unreasonable for most of the people. But who cares. This is CoV ... it was created as a consequence of no reason. The only reason was ADVENTURE.

Cheers mates ... !!