Monday, September 01, 2008

Mi primero blog en el espanyol ... !!

Me complace escribir esta.

Me empezar dos hace meses y se ha dificil aprender un nuevo idioma. el espanyol es un gran idioma que me gusto aprendizaje. he utilizado un cuatrocientos pagina libro y dos CDs por aprender espnayol. No hablo el espanyol muy buen. Puedo leer, hablan y escribo pero no entiendo espanyol muy bien porque es hablan rapido. Yo quiero mas a la practica y el aprendizaje de espanol nunca acabara. Pero me siento bien. Voy a escribir mas tarde algunos mas. Si, he tomado algunas ayuda de Google por escribir esta ... Chao ... !!


Mohsin Khan said...

ye le

I am pleased to write this.

I started two months ago and has been difficult to learn a new language. The Spanish language is a great pleasure that I am learning. I used a four hundred page book and two CDs by espnayol learn. I do not speak the Spanish very good. I can read, write and speak Spanish but I do not understand very well because it is spoken fast. I want to practice more and learning Spanish never pass away. But I feel good. I will write some more later. Yes, I have taken some help from Google for writing this ... Chao ... !

sala google translation use karke likha kya post..

Mohsin Khan said...

Google no es maravilloso?

vivek agate said...

Guess what, Spanish is the second language out here. Sign boards, announcements are in English and Spanish. Have learnt one word in Spanish too. Putaah....Guess I got that right. Hehehehe

Pappul said...

Well, its all upto your imagination mate :)

Sahi jaa raha hai bhidu ... mai udar aaya to dono spanish mein hi baat karenge ... utna hi practice ho jaayega ... tienen un muy buen dia ... !!

Vikash Kumar said...

Cool now I will also give it a shot.. you have done a really good job in 2 months :)