Friday, August 01, 2014

Nahi Yaha Chaina

Well, thats one form of NYC that I didnt imagine myself thinking about. :)

So, I am finally here. After an intoxicating prelude around the same time last year, I was craving for more. This is arguably the most talked about city in the world. For good reason too.

Cravings generally end up 2 ways. You fulfil it or you end up being disappointed due to the high expectations you have set. I dont know which of the 2 this one falls into. Being an ardent Mumbai fanatic ever since I was a kid, NYC is almost the Western mirror of Mumbai. Frenetic pace to the city. Fraction of a second to decide on stuff. A bustling city which apparently never sleeps. So, I should have been drawn to NYC like a moth to the fire. Did I? Maybe, maybe not.

For starters, last year was very different. I knew I was on a paid vacation. I knew I was going back in 2 weeks. I kind of had this 'Nothing to lose' attitude mostly due to the fact that I may never come back here. Primarily due to my oh-so amazing relation with Visas. Do it now and do it well was the mantra. And I had one helluva ride.

Its not the same this time. There is this pressure associated this time. Pressure of getting a house in order. Pressure of creating a life away from India. For me and my family. But, the most excruciatingly painful task is to do this all alone without my family. There is a zero emotional support level out here. I dont go back home and talk to anyone about some irritant in office. Or, for that matter, about something good that happened. Would have meant a pizza, a movie or a drive back home in Pune. That will need to wait.

Instead, its all about ticking off items on my checklist. Bank account, SSN, Credit Card, Driver's license, a Home with good schools nearby, admission to school, my commute plan, medical insurance, falana timkana. Yes, I am huffing and puffing.

I hate the scenarios wherein I need to agriculture a good time. I have never needed to plan a good time. You don't plan a good time in India. I mean you do not do it always atleast. Plus, its always in my subconscious that I am here for monetary benefits that this country offers. Not completely correct methinks. Every expense is being monitored by me. I am buying beer but should I but that bag of chips? I need to walk 14 blocks but shouldn't I spend $2.50 and take a Subway instead? Oh my gawd! It is getting the F out of me.

And what does the city have to offer? Well, plenty actually. That world city feeling. Some bustling parks, some quieter ones. The best bars that I have been too. A super duper public transport facility. The best evenings. And some fab room mates.

Maybe ... eventually things will settle down once my family is here. And time will also have a say.

Till then, I am trying to analyze ... is it more of a give than a take?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Disliking likeables

I am not going to start off this one with a 'I am back' cliche. Not sure if I am really 'back'. But I will let it rip till it lasts. I last blogged in 2012. Jeepers!

I am not sure if its with my personality but of late I have run into so many discussions that I am made to look like the odd one out. The topics change but not the oddity of me being projected as irrational, sadistic or even disillusional. Those are 3 words which I may not have used for a decade now. Need a vocab makeover too. Later!

So, one topic that is quite common in everyday jargon is about movies. I have found it extremely difficult to be on the side of people who think a particular way about movies. Any discussion about a particular movie being good/bad has had me disapproving of the choice made by 90% of the junta.

Just the other day, we were discussing about RamLeela. Everyone had more than a few expletives for this movie. Some said that they couldn't tolerate even an hour of the movie, some lesser. I do not praise this movie very highly but I quite enjoyed it. I am not talking about the chemistry (or physics?) of the leading pair. Its just that I didnt feel like switching off. The 2nd half was truly engaging and I felt the real heroine (or actress and not supporting actress) is Supriya Pathak. Of course, Ram would not like to dive into her everytime. But, as with many debates, I end up giving up. I would watch it again I guess.

That brought us to so many other movies that I ended up having an opposite opinion about.

Good (and the ones that people feel not so good)
No Smoking, Lootera, Rockstar, Gangs of Wasseypur, Rowdy Rathore, Swades, Kai Po Chhe

Not so good (and the ones that people drool over)
DDLJ, HAHK, 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti, KKHH, Munnabhai series

Maybe, its just the perception.

In another free-wheeling discussion, I couldnt quite understand the reasoning and logic behind the Best Actress award given to Deepika Padukone for 2013 (whether its Chennai Express, YJHD or RamLeela) whereas I found Sonakshi Sinha leagues ahead in Lootera. Someone told me its because Deepika had 3 blockbusters so it had to go to her. Couldnt quite understand the term 'Actress' then. In that case, there should be an award for 'Best Actor/Actress based on revenue'. It would be a better benchmark award for Production houses too to look for such people.

Just my 2 cents though. Cheers!