Friday, November 14, 2008

When I last rode a bicycle ... !!

When I last rode a bicycle ....

I didn't carry a wallet. Rather I didn't know what a wallet was.
I didn't carry a cellphone. Pagers were a hit then. But I didn't carry a pager as well.
My left thumb didn't try to locate the indicator switch on every turn.
Geared bicycles were not in fashion except for Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.
Mostly I was in a school uniform.
I didn't ride a bicycle to stay fit or save on pollution. I rode it coz there was no other option.
I had not started shaving.
I didn't count the number of steep-road-sections before I started.
I seldom rode for 15 km at a stretch. I was still partially-sane.
I seldom rode alone. Either it was someone on my bicycle or a friend on his/her own bicycle.
It was mostly on one route. Home to school and back.
I didn't get worked up if someone drove erratically. I had a limited "Gaali" vocab.

I am sure there are many more.

Cheers ... !!

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Mohsin Khan said...

senti kar diya sala..
i'll add a couple more..
Slopes were such fun..
I never had to worry about fuel, PUC, traffic (in my gaon no traffic worries), license, mamu and a bazzillion other things)..
I never had to follow traffic signs (there were none) or use GPS/Google maps/whutever..