Friday, October 17, 2008

Stumbled upon ... !!

I needed to put oil into my bike and I needed to find the huge screw driver to unscrew certain screws of my bike. This huge screw driver is kept in a small cupboard at my place. This cupboard contains lots of utility stuff like nailcutters, pliers, screw drivers (courtesy, my father). It also contains a huge plastic bag. I had never cared to explore this bag in the 5 years that we have been at this place. But I saw a audio cassette almost falling out of the bag. When I peeked in, I couldn't believe what I found.

This bag contained all the audio cassettes in which someone or the other from my family had recorded their favorite songs. It had at least 3 cassettes of Rafi and Lata (not those branded pre compiled sets from HMV) which my mother had fondly recorded. It also had a cassette of one Mr. Kutti who happens to be an erstwhile astrologer. My parents had gone to meet him many moons ago (I think it was 1993 or 94) to ask him about the future of themselves as well as their 2 kids. My father had taken a recorder with him to record all what Mr. Kutti had said. Its a major thrill listening to this piece of audio.

In school (and early college), I had a habit of recording best songs of a particular year. So I was Maha-thrilled to find all those cassettes. I have all those cassettes now from 1994 to 2000. Those were the days. I also found a cassette that I had gifted to my father on his 54th birthday. My father is a big, huge, major RK fan. I had compiled a list of RK songs in a cassette and gifted it to him. What a collection it is ... !!

But the cassette that took my breath away was a compilation of hit English songs. I was never great at English (and I am still miles away) and English songs and movies were like a different world to me. Still, from whatever I had heard or seen, I liked some English songs (just the feel, not the meaning coz I seldom understood what was being said). It was just amazing listening to these:

Its my Life
Coco Jumbo
Mambo No. 5
Baby I love you way
Mysterious Girl
La Nina
Walk like an Egyptian
Lick it
And I miss you
Nothing's gonna change my love for you
Where do you go
My heart will go on
Its all coming back to me
Cotton Eyed Joe
Itsy Bitsy Teeny weeny

and many more ...

The reason this cassette was the most enjoyable is due to the fact that it was played at our school Christmas party in 8th grade (should be 1996) and we had a blast.

There is another cassette in which I had recorded a medley of DDLJ songs by carefully seleting the right music and lyrics to follow every part of the medley ... I remember I had to write down lyrics of all the songs of DDLJ before doing this.

It is another one of those moments in life where you ponder and bicker about the current state of life and wish you had the freedom to venture out and do things that you really want to do. For the time being, I am planning to buy a nice cassette holder/case to preserve these cassettes.

Cheers ... !!


Mohsin Khan said...

congratulations on your wonderful discovery..

Sabhtarsha said...

congrates mate!!
nice discovery.. it really feels good at such times...

vivek agate said...

I had a similar discovery, couple of years ago, when in some old papers, I found my horoscope written when I was like 8 or 9. It was real fun reading them.[:D]
So is your present turning out as predicted by your astrologer??

Pappul said...

Well, it was a mixed bag ... as in all predictions ;)