Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hasta la Vista 2008 ... !!

The inspiration for this post stems from all the other New Year posts I have read from the blogs of my friends. Sadly, I do not match up to the detail of my friends. Was it a good year? or a bad one? I am not sure.

A year when I started running away from problems instead of facing them.
A year that disappointed me the most personally.
A year when self respect hit an all time low.
A year when home became a house again.
A year that was spent over and over again trying to start a new life.
A year when I tried to run away on weekends as much as possible just to shun the chaos.
A year when I made the most mistakes.
A year when I grimaced more than smiled.
A year when I fought the most.
A year that gave me names like NO-LONGER-CALM, CHANGED-A-LOT and many more that I cannot put down here.
A year when lots of friends/relatives preferred to stay away from me.
A year when I struggled to find people to share my good days.
A year when I quit Beer and started with Hard Drinks ... not sure if this falls in this section ;)
A year when I smoked more than before.
A year that I want to forget.

On the flipside ... there were some good signs too ...

I saw some new places.
People who ridiculed me came up and talked to me.
I learnt Spanish.
I started cooking.
I went to Mumbai twice.
I swam a lot.
I ran the marathon.
I had a great time with DAPP.
I restarted cycling.
I finally went to GOA.
Lots of my good friends got married.
I restarted blogging.
I overcame my fear of English movies.
I realised that I need to take my time before I call someone GOOD.
I was a Taklu for 3 months and I had a moustache for 3 months.
I reduced boasting about myself.

I am sure everyone has his/her UPs and DOWNs ... I am no different ... here's wishing a very happy and prosperous New Year to everyone ... Enjoy ... Cheers ... !!


Zaru said...

taklu...hehe...missed wen was this..before i joined i guess...:)

hey n happy new year to u too..!!

Amit said...

I think going to GOA must be highlight of 08. Am glad you wrote the flip side ... else even I'd say "U've changed a lot" :)

Have a wonderful 09!!


Vikash Kumar said...

It looks to be a mixed bag.. and also it was The year when CFoV materialized :)

Wish you a Happy & Lucky 2009.. Cheers!!

Charuta said...

Seems the year was a mix of good n bad to all of us....guess it helps just to recount the good ones.

I hope the new year brings happiness to all of us..espec Taureans :)

vivek agate said...

Hope 2009 ends with a whole lot of good ones than bad ones, starting with you coming here. :)

Happy New year 2009