Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Appraisal ... smile or frown ... !!

The Appraisal process was completed in office last week. Since I was on leave, I was one of the very few who hadn't received my revised compensation. I was relieved to get it on my first day back at work. I was happy with my compensation and also with the new designation. The title of Team Lead is quite misleading though, coz I don't know whom I am supposed to lead. But anyway, its quite a happy moment. For the record, I have had a new designation in each of my appraisals so far which can be something extremely difficult to live up to.

In hindsight, I always wonder whether I should be happy or sad. Happy, coz I get more money, a better job profile and more authority. Sad, coz I am enjoying my moment of joy and luxury at a job that I never wanted to do. This jolly moment means that I will now have to stick to this job for longer than I had anticipated. I never thought I will be complaining about excess of money but sadly thats a fact. How I wish that one rainy night at Mumbai in 2000, I should have never called one of my friends.

But as the saying goes ... The show must go on ... so adhering to that ... Cheers ... !!


Vikash Kumar said...

I believe you should be happy .. as being happy or sad is for you to decide... If you start loving what you are doing then coupled with the fact that its also paying you well, You can enjoy to the fullest :)

So, Congratulations for your appraisal.


amit said...

In a carrot driven IT industry, what counts is what you want. But its always great to get paid more ain't it :)

Radio mirchi quotes (bachaan style):
"is duniya mein 'hayii' 2 tarah ki khushi hoti hai.. pehli paise ki khushi aur dusri pasie ki khushi!!!"