Thursday, November 16, 2006

Favourites ... I cant run away from them ... !!

I thought of writing this blog after stopping for fuel at the petrol pump in front of the RTO near Sangam Bridge. Since accidentally running dry of petrol 2 years ago near this petrol pump, I have never compromised on the petrol for my bike. I make it a point that I always fill petrol from this petrol pump. My bike has been transformed since I started visiting this petrol pump. A better average, better pickup and less oil ... some of the reasons for me sticking to it. Just how many such things exist ...

If it is ice cream, its always Poona Cold Drinks behind Hotel Kohinoor in Camp for its rich-in-taste Faaluda. If at a party at Naturals or some other similar outlet, its always Kesar Pista.

If its sweets, I never go anywhere other than Karachi or atleast I try not to go anywhere else.

Clothes ... more specifically pants or trousers ... I only buy jeans .. I dont know why.

Movie halls ... well ... it might be expensive ... it might be crowded ... but I still prefer Inox to any other movie hall.

Most enjoyable piece of road ... the one that goes from Yerawada Jail towards the Airport. Its a joy to see a 3 km road in front of u with nothing but greenery all around u ...

Hotels ... always George.

Paan .. always Maggai.

Kitos ... always on socks ...

Watch ... always a loose metal watch on the left wrist.

Shave ... always on Monday unless forced ... that may change now though.

Bike ... always Yamaha .... will never buy any bike of any other make ....

Candlelight dinner ... always Prem's ... what an apt name.

Beer ... always Canon.

Beach ... Diveagar ... not always ... but its an overwhelming favourite.

Fish ... always Baangda.

Sugarcane Juice ... always the one opposite Blue Nile.

Junk food ... 90 % of the time ... Pani Puri.

Newspaper ... always start reading from the last page to the first page.

Church ... always St Patricks.

well there are lots of others that I keep doing ... no wonder people call Pratik Beri boring ... ;)

To sign off ... Blog titles ... always ending with a "...." or "!!"

Cheers .. !!

1 comment:

Prameela said...

Aaah!! having favourites is not termed boring...its being consistent. I am sure each one of us has that list.
By the way, sugarcane juice is best served near the Chaturshringi temple(my fav)